Roland FR-8x (available Black or red)

Dale Mathis Custom Sounds for the 8x

 The 8x has a huge memory to store sound sets and User Programs. Roland 8x accordions from Crown Music come pre-loaded with two banks of Dale Mathis Turn-On sounds and more than 30 banks of Dale Mathis User Programs. Dale Mathis has decades of experience working with digital instruments made by Yamaha (synthesizers, digital pianos, digital organs) and Allen (church organs). In 2005 he purchased a Roland FR-7 V-Accordion at a trade show, but was deeply disappointed with the accordion's sound after it was delivered. Using his editing experience, he modified the FR-7 from a dull, lifeless instrument into a powerful performance accordion that he was proud to play in live performances. Today, Dale uses his editing expertise to transform the 8x and 4x Roland accordions into truly remarkable sounding instruments.

1. 8x weighs 27 pounds. 120 bass buttons. 41 piano keys.

2. Powerful stereo sound system built in. No need to plug into an amplifier.

3. Play silently using headphones.

4. Master bar is programmed by Dale Mathis to easily switch between accordion and orchestral sounds while playing. No need to stop and search for a new sound button.

5. 8x built-in battery runs 8 hours on a charge. No need to remove the battery to charge - just plug in the wall adapter. The system turns off when charge is complete. 8x will also operate while plugged into AC.

6. Handsome leather straps included.

7. Padded bag included in box.

8. 1400 User Program memory positions - divided into 100 Banks of 14 (panel) registers. Dale Mathis has pre-programmed more than 30 banks (Big Band, Polka, Cordovox, Christmas, Italian musette, etc). Watch the Dale Mathis videos to learn more.

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Roland fr-4x (available black or red)

Dale Mathis Custom sounds for the Roland FR-4x

The 8x debuted in 2013. The 4x appeared in 2017 and uses the same "Mother Board" as the 8x. The tone quality of the 4x is excellent, but it is a smaller sound in comparison to the 8x. The 8x can play two orchestral sounds at one time, the 4x is limited to one orchestral sound. The accordion sounds on the 4x can be combined with either organ or orchestral sounds to produce rich, complex voices.

Dale Mathis Custom Sounds for the FR-4x include two "Turn On" sets and 7 Banks of User Programs. Please watch Dale Mathis videos to understand the difference between Turn-On sets and User Programs. Complete lists of the custom sounds created by Dale Mathis are available free by sending an email request. Please see the link on the HOME page.

1. FR-4x weighs 19 pounds. 120 bass buttons. 37 piano keys.

2. 4x uses traditional bellows straps, the 8x incorporates the Dynamic Bellows Control system and there is no need for bellows straps.

3. Both the 4x and the 8x have 100 memory positions for "Set Memory." Dale Mathis reprograms two set memories combining accordion sounds from many different types of accordions all on one set. This makes it easier to have a wide range of usable tones. Registers within a set that sound similar are deleted - and replaced with sounds from other accordion types. Example, the piccolo sound is replaced by a bassoon that may be brighter than the one already in the set. In this way you have a choice of two different bassoon sounds. One may be better for jazz, the other may be better for polkas.

4. 4x has 98 User Program memory positions verses 1400 on the 8x. Your new 4x comes pre-programmed by Dale Mathis with all of the sound programming already done for you. Send Dale an email for the list of 98 User Programs.

5. FR-4x uses ten rechargeable AA batteries or can be plugged into AC with a wall adapter. The adapter is included with the 4x. The 4x will play for 5 hours on batteries.

6. The Roland FR-4x accordion features an "audio in" jack in addition to a full compliment of audio, MIDI, and headphone jacks. The "audio in" jack is handy for those players who are using the BK-7m MIDI rhythm/backing module. The audio from the BK-7m can be played thru the FR-4x, thus eliminating the need for a separate amp.

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Click this link to go to the Roland Company web site. A lot of technical details to explore.